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In 1954, under the leadership of the Bishop of the Diocese of Texas, an enthusiastic group of
families met the challenge of organizing a mission church in Rosenberg, Texas.  In June, the first
service was held in a Girl Scout hut in a neighborhood park with Sunday school classes being held
in homes.  A dedicated group of women formed an Altar Guild and began making hangings and other
items to be used in the services.  The men of the Church began planning and constructing a building
that would serve as a Parish Hall and later a Sanctuary.  In August of 1956, the first service of Holy
Communion was held in the new building.
Eight acres of land were purchased, and under the leadership of the Vestry, plans for a church building
were drawn up.  In March of 1978 the dream was realized with the opening of the doors to the new
Many varied projects were undertaken to raise funds for the support of the church.  Fish fries, Mexican
suppers and other foods were prepared by the church’s excellent cooks.  In October, the largest project
was the Fall Festival where chicken spaghetti dinners were served. Baked goods and handmade items
by the women were sold and wood crafts made by the men.  Men of the church attained fame for their
excellent woodworking crafts.
In 1985 the communicants were confident that the church was sufficiently established to support itself,
and in February of that year at Diocesan Council in Houston, we were welcomed as a Parish.
A husband and wife who were among founders of St. Mark’s had built a facility adjacent to their business located in Fort Bend County to use as an entertainment venue. They decided that the facility could serve
a far better purpose, and in 2008, the couple approached the Vestry with an offer of the building.  The
Vestry prayerfully considered the offer.  After several years at the church’s present location, the Vestry
realized that real growth was not attainable, and they accepted the offer. Agreeing with the Vestry’s
decision and realizing the property would be sufficient to accommodate a large campus, the Diocese of
Texas took ownership, and the facility became St. Mark’s Episcopal Church, Richmond, Texas. The
dedication and consecration of a church was conducted by The Rt. Rev. C. Andrew Doyle on January
25, 2009.
In 2011 a Strategic Planning Committee met, and envisioning our future, defined twelve strategic goals
for the years 2012-2014.  Two of these goals were to provide facilities for expanding programs and
services and establishing a St. Mark’s school.  From November 2012-February 2013 the very successful Growing in Grace capital campaign was conducted to raise the funds needed to realize our vision. On
January 5, 2014 our Education Building with a Parish Hall, office, and classrooms was dedicated by
The Rt. Rev. C. Andrew Doyle. The St. Mark’s Episcopal School opened in August 2014.
Our history continues as we faithfully strive to meet our 2015-2017 strategic goals focused on growth, expanding our ministries, increasing our outreach to the community, developing a Master Plan to
develop our beautiful campus, and continuing to foster deep caring relationships with God, each
other, and those in our mission field.
A quote from a letter written by an early member, and something that could be said by today’s church members, paints a picture of our past and future. “I never worked harder in a church before, but it was
a labor of love and a joy to see the church grow.  And some of my dearest friends in life were made here.”