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St. Mark's Vestry
In the Episcopal Church the Vestry is a body of lay members elected by the parish to manage the secular or temporal business of the parish.  The Vestry includes the Senior Warden, the Junior Warden, and in our church, seven other lay ministers.  The Senior Warden is the chief legal official of the church and has authority in legal and financial matters.  The Junior Warden is responsible for the building and maintenance and also is an assistant to the Senior Warden.

The Vestry is a ministry of leadership.  The mission of the Vestry is to work with the Rector in advancing the mission of St. Mark’s. Its primary responsibilities are to collaborate with the Rector to discern God's will, to provide the required resources for the advancement of that mission and vision by acting as wise stewards of the church's finances, and to protect the integrity of the physical plant. The Vestry's energy is directed towards high level and long term goals to achieve the full breadth of what God has planned for us.

Meet the Vestry
Lee Leaman (2021), Senior Warden 
Jon Eiche (2023), Junior Warden 
Chris Abbott (2021)
Brandon Fletcher (2021)
Isobel Gotschall (2020)
Susan Hylton (2020)
Bettye Newberry (2020)
Charles Phillips (2023)
Jeanne Reaves (2023)

Vince Arnold (2020), Treasurer

Meeting Minutes
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