Welcome to the 2020 Stewardship
Dear St. Mark's Family and Friends,
I think it is an understatement to say 2020 has been a very difficult year due to Covid -19.  Everyone is familiar with how this virus has shaken many institutions to their foundations.  I will focus my thoughts on St. Mark’s.  Our in-person worship and gathering for fellowship has been drastically disrupted and could take a long time before we will experience worship like we had in February.  Some of our members may never return to normal worship services.  This is very disappointing.
The differences between St. Mark’s and other secular institutions that may never open again, is our faith in God through his son, Jesus Christ. In addition to our faith, St. Mark’s is in remarkably good financial shape; good savings and no debt.
As you know from several information sources through the church, we are in the middle of our annual stewardship campaign.  The theme for this year’s campaign is, “Build a New Foundation.”  I think that this is a perfect theme because of the new ways that we will return to worship and relate to our fellow parishioners.
Commitment Sunday is November 8, 2020.  Lunch will be served after worship.  We hope as many of you can attend in person.  Provisions will be made for an overflow crowd.  We have a goal of receiving a pledge card from every member on or before November 8.  If you haven’t turned in your card by that Sunday’s worship, you can expect to receive a call from our follow-up team of one of your fellow parishioners willing to pick it up.  To “Build a New Foundation” we need participation from everyone.  You are very important to the success of this campaign.
The commitment card is a little different this year.  It has all of the usual financial giving opportunities.  In addition, it has a place for time and talent gifts.  For those unwilling or unable to give of one of the above gifts or have never made a pledge before and are a little uncomfortable, we have added the line, “I will try to be a better Christian.”  This is a good way to start your pledging in your in your growth as a Christian and to help meet our goal of getting a pledge from every member.  Finally, if you are not worshipping at St. Mark’s any longer, we have added a line for you to state so.  With your permission, we would appreciate having someone you trust to hear your reasons for leaving St. Mark’s so we can make improvements.
Finally, I would like to close by thanking Melissa Hamon, Champaign Chair and Michelle D’Antuono, Assistant Chair, for all of their work in making this campaign a success.

Lee Leaman
Senior Warden and Financial Committee Chair

If you have not completed a pledge card, and you would like to join us in making a financial commitment to the mission and ministry of our church, please click here for a pledge card.  

Thank you for your pledge and commitment to St. Mark's!