Welcome to the 2021 Stewardship
One bread, one body, one Lord of all
We are one body in this one Lord
Dear St. Mark’s Family,
Similar as a wedding band is to the love of a union, your pledge is an outward symbol of God’s many blessings, and it represents continued gratefulness to Him.  Your pledge of time, talent and treasure is a symbol of God’s abundance, and is essential to the mission and ministries of St. Mark’s.  As we join our individual pledges together, we commit to the community of “One Body”.   This was our inspiration for this year’s Stewardship Campaign. 
Commitment Sunday is November 7, 2021. We will have FREE food trucks and a delicious ice cream truck providing lunch after the 10 a.m. worship service.  Our hope is that you will come with your family and enjoy the fellowship and friendships of our “One Body”.  (You can’t get this from Facebook!)  We have a goal of receiving a pledge card from every member on or before November 7th. If you need someone to pick up your pledge card, please call a Stewardship Committee representative.  As we are “One Body” we need participation from everyone. You are very important to the success of this campaign.
Enclosed, you will find a 2022 pledge card.  It has a place for your financial giving opportunities and a place to pledge time and talent gifts as well.  Our hope is that you will take the time to truly consider the personal meaning of your gifts to the one Lord of all.  There is also an opportunity to let us know if you are no longer worshipping at St. Mark’s in order to update our Parish roles.  Please know that you are dearly missed by your friends at St. Mark’s. 
In closing, please remember we are one body in this one Lord.  Please prayerfully consider your 2022 annual pledge, keeping in mind, “What does your pledge represent personally in your life?”. 
Faithfully in one Lord,
The Stewardship Committee
Michelle D’Antuono
Melissa Hamon
Stacy Krajinovic
Lee Leaman
Christine Powell 
Many the gifts, many the works
One in the Lord of all
If you have not completed a pledge card, and you would like to join us in making a financial commitment to the mission and ministry of our church, please click here for a pledge card.  

Thank you for your pledge and commitment to St. Mark's!