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Welcome to the 2018 Stewardship
Dear St. Mark's Family and Friends,

There is an air of change here at St. Mark’s! Our new rector has arrived, FM 762’s improvement is ahead of schedule, and Reading Road will soon come past us on the north side of the church.
Let us rejoice that God has brought us safely through this year of transition, and give thanks for the faithful efforts of members, new and old.  As the weather cools, it is also time to plan for our work together in the coming year, to endeavor together to care for what we’ve inherited, and to nurture the new growth of members and ministries that God begins through us.
St. Mark’s’ continues to thrive through the grace of God. We have roughly ten times as many people attending church than we had ten years ago, and we will continue to welcome many new members in the coming years. Consider this: 90% of our members have been at St. Marks’s less than 10 years, and about half of our membership has arrived in the last 5 or 6 years. Most all of us are new here, to one degree or another, and we all share a love of St. Mark’s.
Pledge once again, or for the first time, to give in 2019 for the common support of our church community. Our shared giving enables St. Mark’s to plan a reliable budget for salaries, upkeep, for mission and for outreach. The Vestry is committed to being good stewards of your gifts, to carefully watch over the use of pledges for the ongoing life of the church.
We might say to ourselves, “we only have two fish, and three loaves of bread,” but Jesus calls us to share what we have, and to trust in his ability to multiply our offering.  When we respond together in faith, the result is plentiful and satisfying, our needs are more than met, and there is plenty to share with others.
Consider what you have given in the past, examine that amount as a percentage of your income, and prayerfully consider if you are able to increase your giving incrementally.  Set aside your money for God’s work first, those “first fruits”: as you look at your budget for the coming year.  There is a peacefulness of heart that comes when our treasure is placed where our hearts reside.
Yours in Christ,  
The Rev. Suzanne D. Comer                                              

If you have not completed a pledge card, and you would like to join us in making a financial commitment to the mission and ministry of our church, please click here for a pledge card.  You may return your pledge card by mail or place it in the offertory tray during the Sunday service.

Thank you for your pledge and commitment to St. Mark's!