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Looking Ahead



Looking Ahead
We at St. Mark’s are truly blessed by God.  We are a debt-free church in a beautiful natural setting
surrounded by growing communities. Our future is bright with many opportunities available; we are
searching for a new leader to guide us in discerning the path that God has planned for us as major
growth occurs around us.
Our Land and Facilities

We currently own 17.296 acres of land (debt free), and we have funds set aside for another possible­­­
land acquisition within the next few months. St. Mark’s is located on FM762, a busy highway that
connects us to new housing developments and George Ranch High School with over 2,600 students
and Reading Junior High School with 1,300 students. Lamar Consolidated School District has begun planning/construction of the Dorothy (Dot) Meyers Elementary School which is .75 miles to the west
of our church and is planned to be open with School Year 2019/2020.

While surrounded by growth of roads and housing, St. Mark’s will be blessed to be able to retain its
beautiful natural setting because of the expanse of land that we enjoy. Our natural setting is protected,
and no developments can be built either to our north or to our south with greenbelt to our south owned
by the State.

Funds for the creation of a master plan of our campus have been approved, and we look forward to
discussing new facilities that will better serve our growing congregation in the future. It is exciting to
us that at times our Parish Hall is overflowing with people, and that when we have special one-service
worship, we have to place extra chairs in our sanctuary. 

Building new facilities will take funding. The planned road construction around us positively impacts
our balance sheet as Fort Bend County and the State of Texas compensate St. Mark’s for use of a
portion of its current land.  These funds, along with enhancing stewardship, will ensure that we have
the funds needed to build new facilities.
Our Community’s Expansion

We are near Greatwood, a large master-planned community, Del Webb Sweetgrass, a growing 55+
community, Bridlewood Estates, and several other new housing developments.  Master Planned
Developments are currently being planned across FM762 to the west of our church and behind our
property to the east of our church.   It is expected that within the next 7-10 years 14,000 new
residents will be living in the immediate area surrounding St. Mark’s. The extension of Highway
Parkway Toll Road is planned to be built one-half mile north and west of our church.
Our New Visibility

To accommodate population growth, both Fort Bend County and the State of Texas have planned
for the widening of FM762 and the extension of a road that will place St. Mark’s on the southeast
corner of two major thoroughfares with a traffic light. TXDOT will start clearing land and utilities
along FM 762 January 1, 2018, and the widening of FM762 to four lanes (two each way with a
raised median) will be completed by January 2020. St. Mark’s will have a 500-foot left turn lane
into our property. Reading Road Extension will be one lane each way with a raised median, but
land will be acquired to expand to twolanes each way with a raised median.  St. Mark’s will
maintain an entrance and an 
exit, giving us needed traffic flow for both our church and school.

Our church’s visibility will be greatly increased, and new signage has already been approved to
take advantage of this enhanced visibility. Our electronic sign will include two state-of-the-art,
fully programmable, color display boards capable of displaying video, animation, etc.
Our Church Family 

St. Mark’s greatest strength is its congregation and its strong faith in God’s grace.  We appreciate
the best things in our past and will use those to build a new future in partnership with our new Rector.
We will enthusiastically welcome all people in our community, embrace our new Rector, and take
advantage of the opportunities before us.