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Adult Christian Formation

 Leader: Rev. Susie Comer

Meeting Day(s): Sundays & Wednesdays
Adult Christian Formation this Fall
We will begin our Fall 2020 Adult Formation with "Surprised by Hope, Rethinking Heaven, the Resurrection, and the Mission of the Church" by N.T. Wright. 
The Book is available here ($13.00) and it is also available on kindles. The videos (downloadable MP4s are available here. The videos are only $2.99. per 15-20 minute video, or 17.99 for all 6. (you download them).
I encourage everyone to watch the video before we meet, and if you like to dig deeper, get the book. (Each video covers two chapters in the book). 
We will do zoom for our formation gatherings,on Sunday afternoons at 1:00pm and Wednesday afternoons at 1:00pm, for those who would rather meet then!
September 13    The hope of the World.   
September 20   The hope of the Resurrection
September 27.  The hope of the Heaven
October 4.       The hope of Jesus' Second Coming
October 11.     The hope of Salvation
October 18      The hope of the church
Email Rev Susie if you are interested in joining at scomer@stmarksfortbend.org.