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Prime Timers Ministry
St. Mark’s Prime Timers is a ministry focusing on the unique interests and needs of older adults at least 50-years-old.  Joyful Christian fellowship is a primary focus with such happenings as organized outings to local places and events and dining at local restaurants.  The members involved can regularly define group experiences most meaningful to them!  Tours of historical or religious places? Sporting events? Cultural events? Fresh and diverse experiences are planned.

Another focus of Prime Timers is personal growth through learning on topics truly relevant to the 50+ life stages. Topics on real life issues might include fostering healthy intergenerational relationships, managing the change from employment to retirement, using twenty-first century technologies, living as empty-nesters, and estate planning.

We all have talents, experience and wisdom in different areas that can be shared to bless others. Building strong relationships with each other will be part of Prime Timers as we offer spiritual and social connectedness to each other during medical treatment or illness or provide empathetic caring during a family challenge. A goal is also to reach out to elderly adults providing activities, visits and telephone calls that support them.

A person does not need to be a member of our parish to join this ministry.  St. Mark’s Prime Timers invite others 50+ to join in this meaningful fellowship and continued learning. Please contact Barbara Scheibner for more details on what we have planned in the future.