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Our Growth
On January 25, 2009 The Rt. Rev. C. Andrew Doyle dedicated and consecrated the new home of
St. Mark’s Episcopal Church on FM 762. The total active baptized members at the end of that year
was 30 people. The total active baptized members at the end of 2017 was 226 people. Our history
in membership numbers is one of steady growth, and with God’s help, our goal is to continue bringing
more and more people to Christ.

(Graph of growth from 2006-2017)
St. Mark’s is in solid financial shape with its cash flow, capital fund management, investments, and
school and community outreach.  We are starting an endowment/planned giving fund.
St. Mark’s Episcopal School has been operating for three years, is fully funded, and currently has 44
children attending.  Our school is licensed for 65 full-time students so we have a wonderful opportunity
to grow that ministry in the future.
For stewardship and financial information in more detail, please follow this link to our
2017 Parochial Report.
Current Clergy and Staff on Payroll
  • Interim Priest (Part-time)
  • Executive Administrative Assistant (25 paid hours per week)
  • Director of Parish Life (27 paid hours per week)
  • Financial Secretary (10 paid hours per week)
  • Organist & Music Director (20 paid hours per week)
  • Head of School (Full-time)
  • Sexton (29 paid hours per week)
  • Nursery Attendants (Two nursery attendants work 3 paid hours per week)
Unpaid Leadership
St. Mark’s is governed by a Vestry which includes a Senior and Junior Warden and up to nine
Vestry members. A Clerk and a Treasurer are appointed by the Vestry.
Most groups and ministries are managed by unpaid lay leaders. St. Mark’s experiences a high
level of volunteer service, and we are looking for a Rector who will continue to help parishioners
discover how God is calling them to serve.