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Sewing Guild


10:00 AM -2:00 PM

Please mark your calendars for June :
June 13--Pillowcase Project
June 15 (Friday)--Thank You Lunch at Jeanne Reaves' house.
June 20--Freestyle! Bring your own materials and create! 
June 27--Pillowcase Project
This summer would be a good time to invite those interested in sewing to come and join us. 
Freestyle! means bring your own fabric, pattern and supplies to create something of your own choice. ( I plan on using the big tables to work on two twin-sized quilts.)
On the 15th lunch at my house I'll make all my patterns available to you for the Freestyle! day and we'll discuss possible easy, easy, easy projects you may want to do for your Freestyle! day. 
Some of y'all know I'm going to Arlington June 6-9 to Sewing/Quilting Expo. I'm keeping you in mind and will gather any materials or ideas that you might inspire you. We can discuss these at the Thank You lunch.
I plan to add Freestyle! during the summer, so we will have sewing nearly every Wed. Just please check your email so you'll know what's up!

If you want to join the sewing group and want to start recieving email please email office@stmarksfortbend.org.

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