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Stewardship Dessert Gatherings


6:00 PM

Stewardship Dessert Gatherings 
Let us gather Wednesday October 7th, 14th, or 21st at 6:00pm for dessert under the Sanctuary Porta-Chace to discuss our fall stewardship program, “Building a New Foundation”.  With Covid 19 in 2020, our church has faced many changes and challenges with worship and gathering as a church family.  Let’s sit down and discuss how we can make 2021 a great year for St. Mark’s. We will follow the discussion with Compline worship and be on our way by 7:00pm.  Please contact the church office at office@stmarksfortbend.org to let us know which Wednesday, October 7th, 14th, or the 21st  you plan to attend. If you are not comfortable coming to the church for a meeting, a member of the stewardship committee will be happy to come to your home for a socially distanced meeting.
Make sure to bring a chair and your mask.  We look forward to seeing you! 


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