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Confirmation Class

 Leader: Fr. Mark Crawford
Classroom H

Meeting Day(s): 9:15am
Meeting Time: Sunday
Confirmation Class Adults & Youth (7th/8th Grade)
Confirmation is a mature commitment of faith that is rooted in our own baptismal covenant with God, and it has been the custom since the ancient church that a bishop lays hands on us in such special occasions.  On Sunday, September 16, the Rt. Rev. Philip Duncan will be with us to carry out his episcopal ministry confirming members of our parish and laying hands on them. In preparation for such an important occasion, Fr. Mark is asking each confirmation candidate to fully participate in a class led by Fr. Mark.  The classes will be held at St. Mark’s each Sunday morning 9:15am - 10:15am.   Please let Fr. Mark know if you are interested in being confirmed and joining the class.